Dashlane Promo Code: 100% Guaranteed Deal 2019

Is there anyway to get get valid Dashlane promo code to take advantage of the extra discount? Can you get it on Reddit and is it 100% working or just fake ones? In this digital age, having strong unique passwords across the different sites and services you use is very essential to protect your privacy. However, remembering all of them can be a hassle, so that's why password managers are crucial. If you're still looking for a reliable password manager, check out the amazing sale on Dashlane now. Dashlane is one of the best and most secure password managers in the world, helping people store, manage, and change passwords all in one place, and automatically fill out forms and payment info with ease. Using Dashlane is free if you want to keep your database on one device and don't need to back it up or share some logins with other users. However, we kindly recommend you to upgrade the plan to the premium subscription, which lets you sync your info across multiple devices, backup and restore your data from anywhere. The premium plan usually comes at a cost of $4.99/month. But now the discounted price will be $3.33/month, you save 25% off the retail price. You also can take advantage of the Dashlane promo code to get an extra 10% off, that lowers the price for a year of Dashlane premium plan to be $35.99 ($59.99). It seems the promo code is for new users only; existing customers can't use this to extend their subscriptions. Save big on Dashlane’s Premium service or try Dashlane free version now!

About Dashlane:

Dashlane is one of the leading password manager services in the industry with 10 million active users in 180 countries and more than 10,000 businesses rely on Dashlane Business for their password management needs today. So, if you haven’t gotten around to using a password manager yet, it's the best time to join Dashlane now. Dashlane can be used to generate, retrieve, and keep track of super-long, crazy-random passwords across countless accounts for you, while also protecting all your online information. The information it protects is not only limited to your passwords, but also covers PINs, credit card numbers and their three-digit CVV codes, answers to security questions, and more. Using a password manager is simple. Whether you are using Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS devices, Dashlane can work on it with no fault. Without a password manager, you may have to use very weak passwords and reuse them on different websites, which could lead to password leak. Dashlane will take a load off your mind, freeing up brain power for doing productive things rather than remembering a long list of passwords. Instead of typing your password into different websites, the only password you need to remember is the master password, which automatically fills the appropriate login information into the website. You don’t have to think about what email address, username, and password you used for the website – your password manager does all the work for you, saving you a lot of time.

Dashlane is a quite versatile, and secure password manager. Your privacy and security are always the top priority for the company. All the data that you store in Dashlane, whether it stays on your device only, is shared with other users, or is synced and backed up to the cloud are encrypted with AES-256 encryption. Besides, it offers a variety of two-factor authentication options so you can ensure no one else can log into your password vault.

Dashlane is completely free to use on a single device. If you're looking to get started with a password manager and secure your most important passwords, you can try the free plan which stores up to 50 passwords for you. However, if you want to sync your passwords between multiple devices, you’ll need to upgrade to premium. The premium allows you to store unlimited number of passwords, and offers you secure synchronization of your passwords and data on multiple devices, and unlimited sharing of passwords and Secure Notes. Especially, it offers new Premium-only features including Dark Web Monitoring and VPN for WiFi protection, designed to offer you the next level in online protection. The Dashlane Premium Plan usually costs $4.99/mo. However, there is a considerable savings on this top-rated password manager. You can save up to 25% off your purchase, which lowers the monthly price down to $$3.33/month. Furthermore, you will receive an additional 10% discount with the Dashlane promo code we offer. Using a password manager is a great way to make your online logins and forms easier and more secure. If you're looking for a best password manager to store your passwords, identity cards, payment methods, secure notes, and purchases, Dashlane should be your preferred choice. Don't hesitate to get the 100% guaranteed deal!

Dashlane Main Features:

Dashlane stands out among its competitions thanks to its great interface and excellent features:

Upgraded and Premium-only features:

  • Unlimited password storage and secure synchronization between as many devices as you need.
  • Dark Web Monitoring allows you to get instant security alerts for each email account you add in Dashlane.
  • VPN for WiFi protection.
  • The ability to store up to 1 GB of files in your Secure Notes.
  • Unlimited sharing of passwords and Secure Notes.
  • In addition to standard two-factor authorization, Premium users can use U2F-compatible devices (such as YubiKeys).
  • VIP support

Other Dashlane features:

  • Dashlane automatically saves and fills your passwords, personal information, and payment details.
  • It offers a Password Generator that allows you to create and store unique and complex passwords in one click.
  • You can keep sensitive or important information safe and easily accessible by using Secure Notes to encrypt personal data and attachments.
  • The Password Changer can help you replace your weak passwords with strong ones.
  • You can designate an emergency contact who, provided certain conditions have been met, is allowed to open your account should you not be able to.
  • You can monitor your Password Health in the new Identity Dashboard.
  • The Inbox Security Scan allows you to scan your email inbox and find all the accounts you've created, analyze their security, and save them in Dashlane.

Why Need a Password Manager?

From social media to streaming entertainment, to our online bank accounts and software, we are inundated every day with the need to create and remember new passwords. If you still use the same and easily-guessed password like your birthday, telephone number, your pet's name for all of your online accounts, apps and services - like email, social media, online retail sites or even your bank, you will put your privacy at risk because anyone who figures out one of your passwords will have the ability to access all of them. You’ve probably heard about the infamous Yahoo breach that came to light in 2016, in which hackers stole the credentials and other sensitive information of more than 1 billion users. For people who used their Yahoo password for other sites, those accounts were also compromised. So, the question remains how to remember unique passwords for all your accounts and keep them safe? Here you'll need a password manager.

Different sites and services have different password requirements, so it's hard for you to remember all of them. A password manager can eliminate the need to remember multiple passwords, it will remember each password for you, strengthening your security and minimizing your risk. So you don't need to store all your passwords in a document or write them down on paper anymore. Dashlane is one of the best password managers out there and it's free to use. While using it, the only password you’ll need to remember is the “master password”, and Dashlane will take care of the rest. Dashlane also ensures that your passwords are stored safely with the highest-level encryption. This means that no one can access the passwords unless they know your master password. It can generate unique, complicated and reliable passwords that are extremely difficult to crack for you in seconds, and autofills your login credentials on websites. To provide you utmost Internet security, Dashlane offers the two-factor authentication feature for mobile and web users. Try Dashlane for free, or get Dashlane Premium. The Premium Plan can fill out forms, including your credit card information, sync across all of your devices, scan the Dark Web for personal data and account information and it provides a VPN service for your computer and smartphone to encrypt all of your data when using internet-based services over public WiFi. Check out the pricing details below & Get an exclusive 25% off promo code on their Premium Plan.

Dashlane Pricing Plans & Special Offer:

For personal use:

There are 3 different plans at Dashlane in order to meet different requirement from users: FREE, Premium, Premium Plus:

From the pricing page we can see Dashlane is FREE to use. However, it has some limitations. You can only use it on a single device, without the ability to sync with your smartphone, tablet, and so forth. Plus, free users are only allowed to store 50 passwords per device. If you have more than 50 passwords to manage or use multiple devices, we encourage you to use Dashlane's full potential to make your online life easier while improving your security. Dashlane Premium offers unlimited passwords, secure synchronization between your devices, Dark Web Monitoring, VPN protection, and many other features designed to help you truly take control of your digital identity. The Dashlane Premium is priced at $59.99/year, equivalent to $4.99/month. There's also a new Premium Plus plan, which costs $9.99 per month, billed as $119.88 annually. You can get added protection with credit monitoring and up to $1 million in identity theft insurance. Please note that Premium Plus is currently for users in the United States only.

Special Offer:

Want to save money on Dashlane? Currently you can get 100% guaranteed deal on Dashlane Premium Plan. A premium subscription normally costs $59.99 annually, but right now, you can save 25% off the regular price, and get it for only $39.99. Furthermore, you can get an extra 10% off with the Dashlane promo code we offer, making a year of Dashlane Premium for only $35.99. Redeem the promotional code to get exclusive savings at Dashlane now!

For Business:

Dashlane is one of the best enterprise password vaulting solutions that protects companies from the proliferation of cloud applications and poor password habits. It uses a patented security architecture that pairs a zero-knowledge interface with the strongest AES 256 encryption, meaning that your data always remains private. Dashlane Business has a simple, intuitive Admin Console, which gives admins a way to manage employee access and enforce strong policies. Just like the consumer version, it has a password generator that suggests unique, hard-to-crack random passwords and a changer tool that helps you automatically update accounts, including when there has been a breach. It also contains the auto-fill and auto-login capabilities in the web browser. Dashlane Business gives IT both oversight and more control over employees’ credentials. With Dashlane Business, the I.T. department can deploy the software remotely, onboard users, and gain an overview of employees’ accounts – both official and otherwise. They can control who has access to which credentials, sync changes automatically, track usage, and set up an emergency contact for business-critical logins. With many new features to come, your Dashlane Business account will have all the tools needed to help you manage your organization's credentials with ease.

Dashlane Business starts with $4.00/month/user. If you wish to try Dashlane Business, please click here to start your Dashlane Business trial.

Dashland only provides 25% discount off for new users but not for existing free users? Why are they asking existing free users to upgrade for an increased price? I was using other Password manager windows app on my Windows 10 laptop and last month decided to move to another as i I was feeling uncomfortable with that one. When i tried Dashlane and it looks good. I would like to upgrade to their premium plan. But just found it's tough to have coupons or deals. It's not a big issue, we suggest you just buy the 25% discounted version on Premium membership, next create a new account by using another email and then export all your passwords from the old version to the new Dashlane account.

How to Get the 100% Guaranteed Deal? A Simple Way to Use Dashlane Promo Code

1. Access Dashlane website's subscription page here.

2. Click "Get Premium" button.

3. Enter your email address and next select the payment methods you prefer, and enter your payment details. Please remember to submit your Dashlane promo code before processing your payment.

4. After the Dashland promo code is applied, you can save 25% off plus an extra 10% off, that means you only need to pay $35.99 USD instead of $59.99 USD for a year of Dashlane Premium.

30 Days Money-Back Guarantee:

It's good to know that Dashlane offers 30-Days Money-Back Guarantee on Dashlane Premium to ensure customer satisfaction of their service. If for any reason, you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, Dashlane will refund your Premium subscription within 30 days of purchase. Please note that a Premium subscription cannot be refunded if it was purchased or renewed more than 30 days ago. Also, note that this guarantee does not apply to Dashlane Business plans.

Dashlane PlansRetail PriceSale PriceDiscount
Premium Plus$9.99/mo$119.8825%
For Business$4.00 per user/mo$48.0025%


Dashlane is an important password management tool that can help you maintain tighter security and ensure you don’t fall into the trap of just using the same password for everything. You will find out that a powerful digital life starts from getting Dashlane password manager! It distances itself from the competition by offering the strongest password encryption, two-step authentication, cross-platform support, and robust security features. Besides, Dashlane prides itself on a ‘zero-knowledge’ architecture, meaning that even the company can’t access any of your data. Dashlane gives its clients an opportunity to experience some of their products all free. But their Premium Plan covers more. The plan comes with a whole bunch of perks such as a free VPN, dark web monitoring, unlimited password sharing, and Yubikey authentication support. According to your requirement, you can choose either Dashlane Free, or Premium Plan. It's worth mentioning that there is a special offer for Premium now. Save 25% off + Extra $4 with Dashlane promo code. Final price is only $2.99/mo The 100% guaranteed discount coupon will lower the price for a yearly plan from $59.99 down to $35.99. If you don’t want to miss this special coupon just get started with Dashlane today. A better digital life should start from here. You'll say goodbye to lost password anxiety in the future.

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